8. August 2013 / Matthias Schulze

University of California setzt auf den grünen Weg

Die University of California hat eine Open-Access-Policy verabschiedet, die es all' ihren Wissenschaftlern ermöglicht, ihre Publikationen (ca. 40.000 im Jahr) zusätzlich frei in einem uni-eigenen Repository (der grüne Weg des Open Access) zu veröffentlichen.

In einer Pressemeldung der UoC hierzu heißt es u.a.: "Articles will be available to the public without charge via eScholarship (UC's open access repository) in tandem with their publication in scholarly journals. Open access benefits researchers, educational institutions, businesses, research funders and the public by accelerating the pace of research, discovery and innovation and contributing to the mission of advancing knowledge and encouraging new ideas and services. [...] The adoption of this policy across the UC system also signals to scholarly publishers that open access, in terms defined by faculty and not by publishers, must be part of any future scholarly publishing system. The faculty remains committed to working with publishers to transform the publishing landscape in ways that are sustainable and beneficial to both the University and the public."

University of California: Academic Senate approves open access policy

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