11. Dezember 2013 / Matthias Schulze

"The Science Europe Roadmap: A Vision for the Future of European Research"

"Science Europe", ein Zusammenschluss europäischer Forschungsfördereinrichtungen, hat aktuell eine Roadmap herausgegeben, die skizziert, wohin sich die europäische Forschungslandschaft entwickeln wird bzw. soll. Unter den neun Priority Action Areas ist natürlich auch das Thema Open Access:

  • Access to Research Data
  • Cross-border Collaboration
  • Gender and Other Diversity Issues
  • Open Access to Research Publications
  • Research Careers
  • Research Infrastructures
  • Research Integrity
  • Research Policy and Programme Evaluation
  • Science in Society

Dort (S. 15) ist zum Thema "Open Access to Research Publications" u.a. dies zu lesen:

"Enhanced policies on Open Access to research publications will contribute to:

  • Supporting borderless science – by making cross-border and interdisciplinary collaboration easier;
  • Facilitating science – by promoting and accelerating more efficient and cost-effective R&D processes, and by increasing the opportunities to yield unexpected outputs from past findings;
  • Improving the scientific environment – by increasing author visibility, thus contributing to the career development of researchers; and
  • Communicating science – by increasing opportunities for knowledge application, and by fostering a culture of openness in the public sector."

Über Science Europe: "Science Europe is an association of European Research Funding Organisations (RFO) and Research Performing Organisations (RPO), based in Brussels. Its Founding General Assembly took place in Berlin in October 2011." Mitgliedsorganisationen aus Deutschland sind die DFG, die Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft, die Leibniz-Gemeinschaft und die Max-Planck-Gesellschaft.

Science Europe Roadmap

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