10. April 2012 / Matthias Schulze

"OA-Policy Guidelines"

UNESCO publiziert OA-Leitfaden

In einer aktuellen, von der UNESCO herausgegebenen, Publikation widmet sich die allseits anerkannte Expertin im Bereich des wissenschaftlichen Publizierens, Alma Swan, dem Thema Open Access: Policy Guidelines for the Development and Promotion of Open Access.

Hier ein Auszug aus dem Vorwort: "Through Open Access, researchers and students from around the world gain increased access to knowledge, publications receive greater visibility and readership, and the potential impact of research is heightened. Increased access to, and sharing of knowledge leads to opportunities for equitable economic and social development, intercultural dialogue, and has the potential to spark innovation. The UNESCO Open Access strategy approved by the Executive Board in its 187th session and further adopted by the 36th General Conference identified up-stream policy advice to Member States in the field of Open Access as the core priority area amongst others. These policy guidelines are the result of an iterative process undertaken by the UNESCO Secretariat and Dr. Alma Swan, a leading expert in the field of Open Access, to revise the preliminary report based on the online consultation undertaken in the Open Access Community of the WSIS Knowledge Communities for peer review in September 2011."

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