13. Dezember 2013 / Matthias Schulze

DOAJ mit 10.000 Zeitschriften

Das Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) hat vor ein paar Tagen die Schwelle von 10.000 Zeitschriften überschritten. DOAJ eignet sich sehr gut, um einen Überblick über existierende Open-Access-Zeitschriften zu bekommen.

Update (7. Januar 2014) von der DOAJ-Website: "You may notice that the number of journals in DOAJ has dropped from 10 027 to 9804. This is because we have fine-tuned the counting functionality. During the migration to the new platform, we identified a group of journals whose ISSNs have changed over time, e.g. because of a title change. We have introduced a 'continuation' relationship so that a previous ISSN entry is now correctly superseded by the new ISSN and the record counted once."

DOAJ: 10,000 open access journals from 124 countries in 51 languages

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