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Which ways of searching are possible?


After selecting the community „Universität Stuttgart“ or a collection within it (faculty etc.), you can browse by issue date, author, title, series or institute.
Browsing within the community searches the contents of all collections of the publication server. If you are in a specific collection, only that collection will be searched.


The facet search allows to refine search results by filtering by specific criteria or to select a desired facet, such as author, publication type or date issued, directly on the start page.

Full Text Search

In addition to the abstracts and title data, the full text search also searches the archived documents.


Truncation (i.e. the root followed by an asterisk *) includes all terms in the search that begin with this root.
Thus, the search with the term „europ*“ finds Europe, European, europäisch, etc.

Phrase Search

In order to search for multiple search terms as a string/phrase, the search terms have to be enclosed in quotation marks („ “), e.g. „renewable energy”. Depending on the search term, you can limit the list of hits significantly this way.

Exclude Search Terms

With a preceding minus sign you can exclude search terms.
Europe -Germany causes all documents containing the search term „Europe“ but not the search term „Germany“ to be displayed.


A sorted list can be created directly under the tab „Browse“ which is located in the header bar. You can choose between Communities & Collections, Issue Date, Author, Title, Series or Institute.

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