Open Access book publications

The University of Stuttgart supports Open Access publishing for monographs and publication of edited collections

Funding 2023-2024

The German Research Foundation (DFG) supports Open Access books at the University of Stuttgart resulting from DFG-funded projects or collaborations via the „Open Access Publication Funding“ program.

Funding of Open Access books in DFG projects

Post-Grant Fund of the BMBF

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) also supports Open Access book publications up to a net amount of EUR 2,000 via the Post-Grant Fund. Only expenses for Open Access publications of research results from a completed BMBF-funded project are eligible for funding.


Further information

Members of the University of Stuttgart can make use of the book publication services of the University Library. Self-funding from resources of the authors, institutes, or faculties should only be undertaken after consultation with the Open Access officer. Some basic tips:

  • The fixed Book Processing Charges (BPC) offered by publishers should be viewed critically. It is important to request publisher services that are as detailed as possible.
  • As a means of quality assurance, the Quality standards for Open Access books of the Working Group of German-speaking University Presses should be consulted.
  • True Open Access can only be guaranteed by granting appropriate licenses such as “CC BY” or “CC BY-SA”.
  • Open Access books must be freely available immediately after publication. The practice of publishers to request user data upon download is opposed to Open Access.
  • In order to comply with publication standards, the publication guidelines of the University of Stuttgart must be respected.

Book publication services

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