Support of the research funders

Framework conditions at national and European level

Research funders play a decisive role in the field of Open Access publishing. When applying for third-party funding, publication costs should be taken into account in the calculation of funds. In addition, important statements and general guidelines for the eligibility of Open Access publications should be noted.


The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) adopted an Open Access strategy in 2016, flanked by relevant funding programs. Extensive information is provided via the BMBF’s Open Access page.

Open Access - BMBF


The German Research Foundation (DFG) has been promoting Open Access since 2012. In addition to information on funding programs for scientific institutions, the DFG also provides information on science policy positions and regulations for authors in general science funding on its Open Access portal.

DFG - Open Access

European Research Council and Plan S

With the support of the European Commission and the European , a group of national research funders ) has launched the “Plan S” initiative. This has made Open Access publication in EU projects mandatory since 2021.

Plan S

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