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  1. 2023

    1. Bucklin, O., Di Bari, R., Amtsberg, F., & Menges, A. (2023). Environmental Impact of a Mono-Material Timber Building Envelope with Enhanced Energy Performance. Sustainability, 15(1), Article 1.
    2. Gehringer, D., Kuthada, T., & Wagner, A. (2023). Thermal Management System of the UNICARagil Vehicles : A Comprehensive Overview. World Electric Vehicle Journal, 14(1), Article 1.
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    4. Schnell, P., Haag, P., & Jünger, H. C. (2023). Implementation of Digital Technologies in Construction Companies : Establishing a Holistic Process which Addresses Current Barriers. Businesses, 3(1), Article 1.
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    9. Zavoleas, Y., Stevens, P. R., Johnstone, J., & Davidová, M. (2023). More-Than-Human Perspective in Indigenous Cultures : Holistic Systems Informing Computational Models in Architecture, Urban and Landscape Design towards the Post-Anthropocene Epoch. Buildings, 13(1), Article 1.
  2. 2022

    1. Ackermann, A. C., Fischer, M., Wick, A., Carosella, S., Bronwyn, L. F., & Middendorf, P. (2022). Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Properties of Epoxy Nanocomposites with Amine-Functionalized Reduced Graphene Oxide via Plasma Treatment. Journal of Composites Science, 6(6), Article 6.
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